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About Raveskool Recordings Merchanidse

A DMO & Raveskool Recordings Partnership - Better Together!

Head Poncho / Founder of Raveskool Recordings (Paul Cronin) and CEO / Founder of Dance Music Organisation (Craig Chant) have been good friends for nearly a decade!

They met when Paul approached Craig and asked if he could join Dance Music Organisation as he liked what Craig was doing and at that time, only Craig's (DJ CDC's) music was available as DMO was simply a portal to give Craig's music away for free.

Over the years, they have forged a strong relationship of mutual admiration for each other's music and respect for each other's talents, where Paul excelled in his musical art form having studied music at college, where as Craig is an I.T. wizard in developing websites and had gained a Diploma in Computing via the Open University.

As their friendship grew so did Paul's success in the music industry, where Paul started his own record label and was also getting signed to other prestigious labels under his many artist aliases, while Craig continued to develop the DMO website and hone his music production skills.

Eventually Craig had improved his music to the point Paul signed him to the Raveskool Recordings label as an official artist, while mentoring him in music production techniques and audio mastering.

Paul even encourage and assisted Craig in setting up his own “four on the floor” record label “DMO Recordings” as well as provides graphic design and artwork services as this is something Craig totally sucks at!

However, there are some things Paul sucks at, which is coding websites & SEO as well as sourcing, facilitating and managing product merchandise and marketing; well we can't all be good at everything now can we!

So Raveskool Recordings (Paul Cronin) and Dance Music Organisation (Craig Chant) have teamed together to bring you the Raveskool Recordings merchandise outlet you see before you today.

They both have had a burning passion for their music and the “rave” genre for nearly 30 years and by combining their strengths enables them to provide not just quality music, but quality merchandise at an affordable price.

Dance Music Organisation in partnership with Raveskool Recordings - because we're “Better Together!”